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Welcome to my website.

Since a child, I've always like fixing things, that's what I did. Early on, I usually did more damage to things I tried to fix than good but after a while things starting falling in place. In my pre-teen years I would fix things around the house like vacuum cleaners, doors, bicycles and even the furnace. As a teenager I began to fix more things like lamps, doing sheetrock repairs and other things around the house.

While in high school I enrolled in a vo-tech school and learned to build cabinets and build homes. During that time I also worked in a auto body shop and life was good. After high school I went into the USAF and became an aircraft mechanic, since then I enrolled myself in a computer tech school to learn how to repair and built computers.

So, all my life I've been fixing things. The good thing about it is that I've gotten better at it over the years. I still enjoy it and would like to help fix things for you. If you have needs around your house, cars, or office that you need assistant with, contact me to see if I an help.

Over the years, what I have learned is that I really like helping people. My primary way of doing that is by fixing things for them but I enjoy providing personal services for people in many ways.

I try to help save you money if at all possible. Contact me if you feel the need at:

Call or Text:
E-Mail: Please DO NOT send attachments to my email, my system probably will NOT let me open them.

Robert Spinner
Please DO NOT send attachments to my email, my system probably will NOT let me open them. 

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