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The NEXT 100,000 50,000 miles.

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My current car has over 300,000 miles on it. I believe that most cars built after 1990 are built to last at least 200,000 miles if not longer. The car that I drove daily prior to this one had over 100,000 on it, the one before it over 100,000, the one before it over 400,000.

Yes I put over 400,000 miles on one of my cars. It looked and drove very well. I would not hesitate driving the car across the country. Why, because I took care of it and did most of the repairs myself. No one wants a car that they fear will break down at any time.

It can be expensive keeping a car running well and in good condition. If you need help keeping your car in good shape give me a call. I have recently helped a lot of people with their cars. Savings ranging from a few dollars to hundreds of dollars. I recently had a guy contact me about him needing a new transmission, turned out his car had a bad switch and I was able to fix it for him for less than $100. That's a far cry from the $1,800 he was quoted to replace the transmission with a used one.

Here's just a sample of things I have fixed on cars this year (I was once an airplane mechanic, believe me, cars are easier to work on):

  • Tune up including new spark plugs.

  • Changed a timing belt.

  • Replaced brakes.

  • Repaired a broken window.

  • Repaired a broken window motor.

  • Repaired body damage on a few cars.

  • Replaced doors, mirrors, hoods, etc..

  • Installed CV axles.

  • Replaced seats.

  • Replaced dash pad.

  • Replaced lights behind the dash.

  • Repaired a non-working sunroof.

  • Repaired door latches.

  • Changed tires.

  • Replaced O2 sensors.

  • Check the codes on the CEL OBD-II computer.

  • Replace rear hatch and trunk supports.

  • Repaired heated seats.

  • The list goes on...

Here is a photo album of a few cars that I have worked on recently...


Here are some informational video's that I have posted online for you to learn from. Please return weekly for new information.

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